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Moving Antiques and Collectibles

GT-tips-antiquesWe know that your antiques are very important to you. When your Guardian Transfer & Storage consultant visits your home for the moving consultation, be sure to point out all antiques and collectibles which may require special handling, such as family heirlooms, valuable antiques, fragile porcelain, etc.

For high value articles, we recommend that you obtain an appraisal. In addition, we recommend taking clear photographs of your antiques and or use a video camera to inventory the contents of each room.

Protection Plans

Discuss with your moving consultant the amount and type of valuation you will need to provide adequate coverage for your valuables. Items of high value should be documented on the inventory taken of your household goods (applicable on long distance or cross-border moves).

Protecting Your Antiques

You can be assured that we will handle your antiques and collectibles with care. In order to protect your antiques, you will have the option of having your antiques crated rather than simply wrapped. We custom build wooden crates around your antiques for proper protection. Antiques can be packed in crates with padding, using stretch wrap and even decked in the truck so that they are not in contact with other items.

Loose parts of furniture should always be secured before packing and any hardware, screws, bolts, and other component should be placed in bags and then placed in a box labeled “Parts Box”. Doors can be secured with straps or strings. Mirrors or glass panels can be removed or taped and secured with stretch wrap and extra padding.

Collectibles such as crystal, china and porcelain should be placed in compartment containers wrapped in tissue. All cartons containing breakables should be labeled “FRAGILE.”

If you are packing glassware or fragile articles yourself, be sure to consult our packing tips.

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